Weird Space

Weird Space is a workshop series that explores the city through the production of urban dinners in ‘weird’ spaces in the city of Madrid, the project was curated by Natalia Matesanz Ventura and VenidaDevenida. We participated in the design process, from the idea conception to its visual and physical representation across different formats. The visual identity was designed with a distortion effect in mind, using 3D scanning to create images of deformed meals in urban spaces. The resulting overall design is a memorable and characterful visual identity that complements the essence of the workshops.

The project has worked since the beginning on an online realm that was later on translated into physical outcomes. The research behind the project was shown on a daily basis on social media. A sense of fluidity was transferred to the Instagram account with the use of a continuous background where all the online references laid on. The online component was translated into a physical format for the exhibition and the whole process was compiled in a catalogue that ultimately reveals a playful yellow-pink section containing all the references posted on Instagram.

The exhibition space was conceived as a working room, and its design as a work in progress. The results of the workshops were gradually configuring the exhibition. Banners made by digital printing on fabric allowed us to delimit in a flexible way the different areas of interventions within the exhibition room. A long table with a specifically designed tablecloth placed in the centre of the space would be the operations room of the workshops.