Uploading is a series of events that aim to promote the interchange of ideas in order to build a creative database of fashion designers. Its first event was a pop-up store in Madrid, presenting Russian, Ukrainian and Georgian designers never exhibited before in Spain. We created an identity that helped to define the visual and spatial material of the pop-up store.

The idea behind the graphic and the set design is the multiplicity of layers, bold colours and tactile finishes, all of them come together to create an identity that is apparently chaotic but still restrained, showing the complexity of the project. Inspired by torn apart posters in the streets and the multiplicity of information layered together, we created a graphic design that combines multiple information and that can be seen from more than one angle at just one glance. In that way, images and text are mixed in an elaborate manner that allowed us to animate the layers through videos, visually translating the complexity behind each image.

The handmade furniture designed for the first concept store in Madrid was made of raw construction materials. The irregular shapes and matte surfaces gave multiple options to show products. Each piece was designed so they can be easily disassembled and the lightness of the expanded polystyrene made possible to transport and rearrange their position efficiently.